C45 Carbon Steel Plate with Quickly Delivery

C45 carbon steel plate is a kind of high quality carbon steel, corresponding to the standard S45C, American Standard: 1045, German standard C45.

The chemical composition of the C45 carbon steel plate:
C: 0.42 ~0.50; Cr 0.25max; Mn: 0.50 ~ 0.80; Ni: 0.25max; P: 0.035max; S: 0.035max; Si: 0.17 ~ 0.37

The physical property:
Tensile strength: ≥600 MPA
Yield strength: ≥355 MPA

GB/T699-1999 standard required that C45 carbon steel heat treatment system is 850℃ when quenching, 840℃ when normalizing,600℃ when tempering, the performance for the yield strength more than 355MPa.
GB/T699-1999 standard required that tensile strength of C45 carbon steel is 600MPa, yield strength is 355MPa, elongation is 16%.

The use of the C45 carbon steel plate:
C45 carbon steel plate is widely used in machinery, before heat treatment, its hardness: HB<= 229; Heat treatment: normalizing; With high strength, good plasticity and toughness. It is usually used for the production of large normalizing parts pin, guide pin, hands and other parts.

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