Best Quality Stainless Steel 3CR12 Sheets

3cr12,same as 1.4003 grade,is a Chromium and low carbon stainless steel,containing 0,03% less Carbon and Nickle 0.3% max.It is a modifying type stainless steel of 409L grade.The difference is Ti element.As in 3cr12 stainless steel,there is no Ti element but with 0.3% max.Nickle,however in 409 grade,it contains Ti element but not contain Nickle.

3cr12 is with a ability of resist corrosion and wet abrasion.People also call 3cr12 to be 1.4003,UNS S40977 or S41003 etc.In the norm of ASME,it names 3cr12,however it names 1.4003 in the norm of EN10028.Basically both are same in quality and pricing.

The chemical composition for 3c12 grade is Fe, <0.3% C, 10.5-12.5% Cr, 0.3-1.0% Ni, <1.5% Mn, <1.0% Si, <0.4% P, <0.15% S, <0.03% N.

On 1st of May,2017,one of our new buyer from Egypt confirmed a big order with us for the supply of 3cr12 stainless steel sheet,Size is 1.2x1219x3000mm.,qty is 1500 sheets.The customer is concerned much for sheets correct quality,they will reject any wrong grade like 201,430,304 etc.

We carried out the order production wholly as per the agreement and contract,in connection of chemical composition,physical properity etc.The most concern of its low carbon and adding of Nickle,that is very important for buyer’s project.

The result proves that our materials quality to be very good.Below it is th MTC for the 3cr12 sheets we supplied to another valuable customer we had from France.

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