440 Series Stainless Steel Bar

440 Series Stainless Steel Bar  

440 stainless steel is divided into 440 A, 440 B, 440C.
(A-0.75%, B-0.9%, C-1.2%) from the A-B-C. 440C is a very good high-end stainless steel, hardness is usually 56-58Rc. These three kinds of steel anti-rust ability are good, 440A best, and 440C compared to the lowest. SOG SEAL 2000 uses a 440A, Randall with 440B to produce stainless steel cutting tools. 440C is very common, may be the second most commonly used stainless steel (after ATS-34). If your knife is marked "440", it is probably cheaper than the 440A; if the manufacturer uses the more expensive 440C, they will be willing to advertise this. The general feeling 440A for everyday use is just right, especially after high-quality heat treatment 440A. 440B is more robust, and 440C is excellent.

Introduction: implementation of standards

1.Chinese standard
Hot - rolled and wrought stainless steel rods: GB / T1220-2007;
Cold-worked stainless steel rod: GB4226-2009

2.American Standard
Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Bars and Shapes: ASTM A276-2011
Standard Specification for Stainless Steel Bars, Billets and Forgings
Standard Specification for Easily Processed Stainless Steel Bars ASTM A582-2011
ASME SA276-2010
ASME SA484-2010
Specifications Material
Stainless steel bar Specification: Ф1.0MM and above 250mm below the diameter (diameter, side length, thickness or the side of the distance) is not greater than 250mm hot and forged stainless steel rods.

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