430 stainless steel coil BA surface in stock

Chemical composition of 430 stainless steel

Properties of 430 stainless steel
1)Thermal conductivity is better than austenite
2)The coefficient of thermal expansion is smaller than that of austenite
4)Addition of stabilized titanium
5)Good mechanical properties of weld

430 stainless steel has several states, with the different state , dirty and corrosion resistance is alos different.430 stainless steel coil BA surface is one of the common type.

BA - excellent surface gloss, high reflectivity, as the mirror surface.
Processing technology: hot rolling + annealing shot peening + cold rolling + annealing pickling + surface polishing + quenching and tempering rolling.

Application of 430 stainless steel coil BA surface
430 stainless steel is widely used for building decoration, fuel burner parts, household appliances, household electrical appliances.
With excellent surface gloss, it become numerous stainless steel products surface material. The vast majority of the bright surface of stainless steel products we see are 430 stainless steel coil BA surface.

Such as fully automatic washing machine drum, things that defend bath, dishwasher, lampblack machine, microwave oven, stainless steel pot, stainless steel pot, button batteries, watch shell, mobile phone shell, stainless steel spoon, elevator, car accessories, solar water heaters, medical equipment, etc.,

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