420j2 Stainless Steel Sheet with factory price

420j2 Stainless Steel Sheet with factory price  420j2 Stainless Steel Sheet with factory price  

Stainless steel sheets to be one the most widely used and frequently purchased stainless steel materials with very large quantity in purchase,manufacturing and marketing.

Among so many different application of stainless steel sheets,the knife industry is one of well known and popularly required.Due to knife needs the steel materials to be hard,straight and with good resistance in impact,strike and machining,so usually we offer 400 series ferrite steel to match that special demand.We can make enough qty of Japanese standard ruled 420J2 and 420J1 Stainless Steel sheet,strip,coil etc in all sizes with thickness ranged from 0.1mm to 10mm usually,width to be 10mmx2000mm.

The 420J2 and 420J1 is like the variant of 420 grade by adding more carbon and under solution annealed.Take 420J2 Stainless steel for example,it contains 0.26-0.4% carbon and after quenching and tempering,its hardness can reach or beyond 43HRC,many customers who are engaged in knife industry like to use 420J2 as raw materials to manufacture knife.

We have to mention that in any order,buyer should advise us directly and clearly if the they need 420J2 SS Sheets or coils to be hard situation or only soft condition,prices under two states are so different that hard materials prices are far higher then soft ones.As we need to make long time tempering and quenching.And better to mention specific hardness or Tensile Strength you need,so as we are sure all supplied 420 stainless steel materials are a good match with your demand in each order.

Welcome to make inquiry to sales@jawaysteel.com to inquiry with 420J2 stainless steel sheet,coil or strip etc.

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