416 Stainless Steel plate in China supplier

416 Stainless Steel plate in China supplier  416 Stainless Steel plate in China supplier  

Martensitics stainless steel 416 has very good machinability since extra sulfur element added than other stainless steel grade. The main alloy elements of Chromium Nickel is 12-14%, about 8.0-10% for Nickel. After QT heat treatment, stainless steel plate 416 increases its hardness and strength obviously. As a kind of free cutting stainless steel, 416 steel plate mainly serves in fastener industry, machinery parts and so on.

Besides 416 Stainless Steel plate shape, Jaway Steel corporation also as an integrated steel material solution provider, flat bar, square bar, hex. Bar, pipe and sheet are all available for us. 446 stainless steel plate is produced conforming to AMS, ASTM, SAE standard. As we work with china top 1 special steel mill which serves national defense department. Quality is our pride.

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