4130 seamless steel tube made in China supplier

4130 seamless steel tube made in China supplier  4130 seamless steel tube made in China supplier  

4130 is a kind of structural alloy steel, “30 “ refers to the content of carbon. Also the content of Chrome and molybdenum are higher than common mild steel,then most call this chrome molybdenum material. 4130 seamless steel tube is a common item.

Early chrome molybdnum material is rare,it is mostly used for aircraft landing gear.Then some of the professional bike frame are made of this material and a big selling point, now basically is to replace the high strength aluminum alloy and carbon fiber material. But for cross-country race with roll frame and the structure of the steel frame, 4130 material is still the best choice, on the premise of guarantee equal or even higher strength, frame made of 4130 materials can be done slighter.

But it is important to note that the 4130 seamless steel pipe has high strength itself for mill state. Without tempering and normalizing treatment after hot rolling, its tensile strength is more than 1000 mpa, yield strength is also very high, the elongation is less than 10%, the result is it can not be bent, steel pipe will fracture in pipe bending .

Correct treatment after processing in the process of stress will be basically eliminated, and at the same time of guarantee strength obtained good toughness, strong impact force point when there will be a instantaneous deformation, but will soon recover, even in permanent deformation also wont appear cracks and ensure the safety of the car.

Productive process of 4130 seamless stee pipe:
1.Billets preparation
2.Piercing billets
5.Precision rolling with double-track rolling mill
7.Precision rolling with three-rail rolling mill
8.Marking,oil coating

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