410s stainless steel plate with cheep price

Stainless steel plate can be divided into two kinds of plates: sheets (thickness equal or less than 4mm) and plates (thickness over 4mm). Small width with a long length usually called steel strip. 410s stainless steel plate is a martensitic stainless steel plate.

Material 410 series (13Cr) has good corrosion resistance and mechanical processing performance for general purpose steel, cutting tool steel. Grade 410S is a type of steel that improves the corrosion resistance and formability of 410 steel. Grade 410F2 is a lead free cutting steel that does not reduce the corrosion resistance of steel 410. Grade 410J1 is a high strength steel that further improves the corrosion resistance of steel 410, which is used in turbine blades and high temperature parts.

410s stainless steel plate Chemical composition:

C: ≤0.08
P: ≤0.04
S: ≤ 0.03
Si: ≤1.00
Mn: ≤1.00
Ni: ≤ 0.60
Gr: 11.50~13.50

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