316L stainless steel wire rods

316L stainless steel wire rods  316L stainless steel wire rods  
    Wire rod is a kind of semi-finished product,mainly used to produce steel wire., generally made of hot rolling strip and approximate circular section continuous rolled discoid with the diameter is 5.5~30mm.
    316L stainless steel wire rod is one common style.
    Delivery status and processing quality of 316L stainless steel wire rod:Can be annealed, bright annealing, cold processing or as users’ requirements .The material shall be of uniform and good quality, and the possible defects shall not be damaged by subsequent machining, forming or manufacture of finished parts.
The provisions of the inspection lot:
    1.Chemical analysis of finished products: the same furnace as a inspection batch
    2.Other tests:Generally composed of the same furnace number, the same size and materials produced under the same processing conditions
Size and allowable deviation of 316L stainless steel wire rod:
    Hot rod: >6.35mm-34mm diameter, the corresponding allowable deviation is + 0.20mm-+_0.30mm, the corresponding roundness is 0.28mm~0.45mm.
Two types of 316L stainless steel wire rod:
    1.Common stainless steel wire rod:is composed of a variety of different grades of organization size of stainless steel hot rolled into the. Main use: stainless steel wire rod is mainly used in the manufacture of stainless steel wire, stainless steel spring wire, stainless steel wire and forging stainless steel wire rope.According to the main purpose of the industry also has to distinguish, stainless steel wire rods of stainless steel and stainless steel wire rod points.
    2.Stainless steel wire rods for welding:With some difference in the chemical composition . In order to ensure its excellent welding performance, improve the quality of weld, welding characteristics of stainless steel wire rod used in composition is low carbon content, phosphorus, sulfur and other toxic and less impurities, high content of nickel and chromium. Main uses: mainly used in the manufacture of steel wire and wire core.

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