316 stainless steel round bar price

From October till now dated on later part of Nov.2020,prices for stainless steel materials in China were keeping increased all the time.The rises are from LME Nickle prices adjustment,currency rate changes,imbalance between export and import etc for the whole world.The COVID-19 extention out of China driven many shipping lines promoted sea freights by a large scale.All the global elements determine prices rise too much in stainless steel.


Take 316 stainless steel round bar for example,during the Sep,price for 316 SS Bar ø25mm is around 2820 USD per ton FOB Shanghai,now and by late Nov,the price rised till 3022 USD per ton,the rise is nearly 8%,such prices are only for FOB basis.

If we quote CIF price,customer will find that sea freight has been rised more than 3 times than ordinary times.


Presently our quote for 316 SS Round Bar is US$3000 per ton if being requested to supply a large qty above 10 tons.If demanded is only for a trial or test,then price needs to be amended to be US$3100/Ton.


Welcome to send us inquiry concerning 316 round bar stainless steel.

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