304L polished stainless steel coil in stock

Stainless steel coil is divided into austenite, ferrite, martensite, dual phase (ferrite austenite) stainless steel ,304L stainless steel coil is one kind of the austenite stainless steel,including cold rolled coil and stainless steel hot rolled coil.

The specification of hot rolled and cold rolled stainless steel, hot-rolled stainless steel coil specifications are usually 3~8mmx1500,. Stainless steel coating thickness of 0.5~1mm. 304L polished stainless steel coil mainly is the cold rolled stainless steel,cold rolled stainless steel coils are usually 1~3mmx1220~1520. Stainless steel coating thickness of 0.1~0.5mm.

Cold rolled stainless steel coil for polishing, wire drawing, etc. 304L polished stainless steel coil commonly polished using for pipes,polished or mirror stainless steel pipe.Stainless steel coil with a width of less than 600 is mainly used in the manufacture of stainless steel composite spiral welded pipe.

304L polished stainless steel coil is used hot rolled plate as raw material, which is rolled at room temperature under the recrystallization temperature. Cold rolled coil thickness is generally between 0.1--8.0mm, the majority of factory production of cold-rolled steel coil thickness is less than 4.5mm.As know,the thickness and width of cold rolled coil decide on the plant's equipment capacity and market demand.

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