304H Stainless Steel Supplier

    Jaway Steel supply includes stainless steel 304H (UNS S30409) in, sheet/plate, round bar, processed flat bar, weld wire and tubular products. 304H is the 0.04% minimum carbon version of type 304 stainless. It has general corrosion resistance similar to the low carbon 304/304L

    Type 304-H retains its popularity because of its unique properties that include:

    Good oxidation resistance in continuous service to 920 

    High tensile yield strength

    Short and long term creep strength

    Resistance to corrosion from oxidation and organic acids

    To be considered Type 304-H stainless steel, an alloy must contain a specific combination of chemical properties. These include:


    Cr 18-20%

    Ni 8-10.5%

    C 0.04%-0.10%

    Si 0.75 max

    Mn 2% max

    P 0.45% max

    N 0.10% max

    Type 304-H stainless steel is available from Continental Steel in plate, round bar, flat bar, tube, and more. All of our Type 304-H stainless steel meets ASTM, ASMW, EN, and DIN standards.


    As 304H stainless steel supplier, we export products to many countries. If you have related inquiry, welcome to send us at 809@jawaysteel.com. And call us at: 0086-21-36360955 is okay.



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