304 stainless steel perforated angle bar

304 stainless steel perforated angle bar  304 stainless steel perforated angle bar  

Can stainless steel angle bar be perforated ?

Lots of customers sometimes when inquiry amount will ask this question, generally stainless steel Angle can be perforated. According to the size of the hole is different to the difficulty of the punch, 304 stainless steel Angle due to the carbon content was lower than those of 201 stainless steel angle, compared low hardness punching material 201 easier, stainless steel bar used in industrial processing equipment demand more and more.

Jiangsu Jaway Steel Stainless Steel Products Co.,ltd. is an indicator of domestic stainless steel Angle steel market.

Today's national standard of angle steel 5 # 304 stainless steel material price is preferential, spot inventory, many welcome procurement.

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