304 soft annealed stainless steel wire

    304 soft annealed wire is one of hottest selling product inside our group.It has a wide various application like kitting,weaving,filter,heater,binding etc.The soft annealed mean the wire should be under few     steps of annealing,with the changes in heat temperature the wire is under destressing,drawing and re-shaping then the wire own good ability of tear-resistance,reshaping,machining,bending,twisted and soft     enough.

    Our company exported too much tons of 304 soft annealed wire per month to Korea,Brazil,Peru,Colombia,USA etc,wire size is like 0.13mm,0.22mm,or even 0.048mm.Customers use our wire in weaving and     protection field.Take 0.22mm 304 annealed ss wire for example,the customer is so cautious on wire quality and tolerance,they requested wire to be 0.22mm exactly,no tolerance is acceptable,no matter     positive or negative tolerance,because the wire is used in their moulds,if with a tolerance then they need to adjust moulds which may bring costs increasing.

    Our packing for 304 soft annealed stainless steel wire is usually with Spools,15kgs per spool,then Spools out into wooden box,with this safety packing,the wire could be protected well during transportation.

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