304 stainless steel plate prices

Recently resulted from summer holiday and internation & local Nickle prices increasing,the prices in stainless steel are increasing day by day.Especially for stainless steel plate,for example 304 grade,previously during July size 1mmx4’x8’ price is US$1850,now price up till US$2030 per ton,the increase percentage is nearly 10%.

304 stainless steel plate prices


At the same time,due to huge affection from COVID-19 across developed western countries,their demands decreased makes international business grey.The currency rate between USD & CNY is 6.89 dated on 2020-08-21,there is about 2% decrease compared with 7.0 average during the July,which make prices for 304 stainless steel plate higher again.


However as Jawaysteel is a big stocklist and distributor,so we owned aound 1000tons stainless steel raw materials,which were secured from Bao,Tisco etc since from June in 2020,so we can fix the prices stable and competitive.Our prices are ex factory and wholesaled.


Although 304 stainless steel plate prices were up nearly day by day,we expect prices could be down by and around of August till Sep.,as hot selling season will pass away soon,overseas customer shut down their purchase plans by October,according to our export experience.

304 stainless steel plate prices


If there is any new demand about 304 stainless steel plate,plz write us to sales@jawaysteel.com,thanks you.

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