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304 Stainless steel coil pipe, is a kind of plate or mosquito coils, and its diameter is from 0.5cm to 20mm and thickness from 0.1cm to 2.0mm, which is widely used in chemical, mechanical, electronics, electricity, textile, rubber, food, medical equipment, Aviation, aerospace, communications, oil and other industrial fields.

304 Stainless steel coil pipe can be divided into several aspects: stainless steel industrial pipe, long coil, U-tube, pressure pipe, heat exchanger, fluid pipe and spiral coil. They have the following characteristics: high temperature steam, impact corrosion, resistance to ammonia corrosion; anti-scaling, not easy to stain, anti-oxidation corrosion; long life, reducing maintenance time, cost savings; For the tube, uniform wall, the wall thickness is only 50-70% of the brass, the overall thermal conductivity is better than the brass; and it is the ideal heat transfer products of the old unit transformation and manufacture of new equipment.

The Usages:
1)Industrial stainless steel coil pipe: heat exchanger, boiler, oil, chemical, chemical fertilizer, chemical fiber, pharmaceutical, nuclear power and so on.
2)Liquid stainless steel coil pipe: beverage, beer, milk, water supply system, medical equipment and so on.
3)Mechanical Structure Stainless Steel Coil pipe: printing and dyeing, printing, textile machinery, medical equipment, kitchen equipment, automobile and ship accessories, architecture and decoration, etc.
4)Stainless steel coil pipe: made of stainless steel with welding and wall thickness, wall thickness from thick to thin, which can make the wall thickness uniformity, smooth, and reduce the effect of the formation of a non seam wall stretching tubes.

The pipe is seamless according to the naked eye, but the process is decided. With bright annealing process by pipe wall in the outer and inner walls will not form an oxide layer, and bright, beautiful, this is really needed for medical products. The next process needs to set the diameter, that is, the big pull and small process, determine the outer diameter, and the tolerance of the outer diameter can generally reach positive and negative 0.01mm.

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