17-7 PH (Grade 631)Stainless Steel Pipe

17-7 PH /Grade 631 is precipitation hardening stainless steel with good performance on corrosion resistance and form-ability. We are integrated stainless steel series products exporter and manufacturer. 17-7PH is our high end stainless steel products can be provided in pipe, bar, plate and coil types mainly used in aerospace and chemical industry.

For more details of 17-7 PH /Grade 631 seamless steel pipe or tube.

It’s chromium-nickel-aluminum stainless steel used in up to 800F and detailed and intricate parts since low distortion after quenching and tempering. Pipe or tube size range:

Diameter: Φ6-630*0.5~25mm wall thickness 0.5mm-25mm.
17-7Ph welded pipe max. Diameter can be 2000mm and 30mm thick .
Besides, 304/L/H、316/L/H、321/H、317/L、309S、310S、2205... Are also available for us according to GB、ASTM、ASME、DIN、JIS standard.

For more details of 17-7PH welded pipe or seamless stainless steel pipe, pls contact me freely by email: 806@jawaysteel.com.

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