17-4PH round bright bar

17-4PH round bright bar  17-4PH round bright bar  

17-4PH round bright bar is a kind of martensitic stainless steel bars, with high wear and corrosion resistance.

Advantages of 17-4PH round bright bar as the followings:
1.Perfect optical polishing;
2.Nice mechanical properties;
3.Strong stability when quenching;

Lower maintenance costs after long-term use of the mold, which surface is still maintained the original smooth state.We have a customer who is from America bought "17-4 PH roung bright bar for 25tons in last year. We can control lower production costs.

17-4PH round bright bar is also named 630 stainless steel round bright bar.,the use of 630 steel quenched and tempered state , in order to meet the number of long-term work or product of 1 million or more life requirements.

Tempering at 1200 degrees (at least 1 hours) can reach more than high hard, with a better polishing performance and better corrosion resistance.

Jawaysteel are original manufacturer since from 1998, specialises for 17-4 stainless steel bars in all conditions, more suitable for the special requirements of the mold.Welcome your inquiry,www.jawaysteel.com.

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