1.4003 / 3Cr12 Stainless Steel Sheet and Plate

1.4003 is a ferrite-oriented utillty stainless steel made and origin from Germany and Europe.In China,the corresponding Grade is 3Cr12 or 022Cr12Ni. It contains 0,03% less Carbon and with adding of Nickle 0.3% min.So it belongs to low carbon alloy steel with a high strength,corrosion and abrasion resistance,durability and low maintenance.

Besides,1.4003 3CR12 is weldable and formable allowance stainless steel materials,with fabricated using conventional techniques.  
Recently a big old customer from France purchased us 128Tons 1.4003 3Cr12 stainless steel plates and sheets with sizes of 12x1500x6000mm,150 sheets qty.Pls see below to get specific details for the P/O.We accept on 20% deposit and 80% LC at sight with one first class bank from France,.the deal was made in very good condition,now customer likes to double the order qty and make 300 tons purchase during the May of 2017.

How we make the order with such satisfaction ?
We are a solid and experienced manufacturer for stainless steel sheet,plate,coils,strip ete,our obvious advatage is to produce,smelt and roll for some special grade,special apply and special sizes stainless steel plates,sheets etc.Take above order for example,we know how to smelt 1.4003 stainless steel and control its super low carbon less than 0.03% and how to remain 0.3% Nickle.Also we must make solution annealed to furnish with a fine properity properity like high tensile strength,please see below again to find the physical test for the order.

By summary,if you want to buy 1.4003 3cr12 stainless steel sheets and plates,we are best and first choice,we have long time experience and enough technician to fulfill your order with best quality and good prices.Any third party inspection like SGS,BV,TUV,or national lab test is approved.

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