Nylon coated stainless steel wire

  JawaySteel is a leading supplier of nylon coated stainless steel wire.Wire rope are commonly comprised of wire strands that form a helix pattern with a wide variety of uses, including marine, construction, architectural and retail uses. US Rigging offers many varieties of stainless steel or carbon steel wire rope including coated and non-coated wire rope. Mil-Spec wire for aircraft control.

  The main advantage of nylon coating in lieu of PVC center around it's endurance characteristics in high friction applications. Ways you can observe the higher endurance to friction include the nylon's hardness and temperature rating. Nylon protects the inner-cable from fraying.

  Most common two constructions for nylon coating are 7x7, 7x19 and upon special request we can supply 1x7, 1x19, 6x19 Class and 6x37 Class. Typical nylon coated diameters are 3/64 thru 5/8. The outside diameter is laser micrometer inspected during extrusion. Our extrusion line is equipped with a black ink printer capable of printing onto the nylon coating. Our nylon extrusion tooling is cleaned on a regular basis to improve the coating quality.

  Common applications:


  Fitness equipment

  Mechanical control

  Misc lanyards and tethers

  Brake Cables

  Basic Information:

  There are two nylon product families that we coat: nylon-6 and nylon-11. Nylon-6 is standard grade and the more economical nylon option. Nylon-11 is the highest quality nylon option and it's slightly more flexible than nylon-6. Nylon-11 is recommended for maximizing life cycles in the most demanding applications. Nylon-11 is recommended for push-pull control applications. For residential application of fitness cables nylon-6 is typically adequate. For commercial gym application of fitness cables that see rigorous use, nylon-11 is recommended.

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