316 stainless steel wire by JAWAY

  Stainless steel wire can be divided into welding wire,bundle wire, along with spring wire etc. The basic working principle of flux-cored wire gas-shielded arc welding is the same as that of ordinary MIG welding. 316 stainless steel wire is normal in market. Because of its alloy composition can be flexible and convenient adjustment.

  304 stainless shaped Wire

  A) Material Classification:

  200 series: 201, 202

  300 series: 304,304L,=316,316L

  400 series: 430

316 stainless steel wire by JAWAY

  B) Hardness Classification:

  Soft | 1/4H | 1/2H | 3/4H | H |SH

  C) Surface Classification:

  Bright; Gray; Oxidation; Burnishing; Coppering; Lead plating

  D) Purpose Classification:

  For spring; cold upsetting; welding; wire rope

  E )Physical Classification:

  Magnetic / Nonmagnetic

  F) Shape classification:

  Round wire; Half Round Wire; Square wire; pressure flat wire; precision shaped wire

  The main difference from the conventional MIG welding is that the wire is internally filled with a flux mixture. Among so many grades wire,304 stainless steel wire is most popular item we are handling now.It is anti-corrosion,with high temperature,easy to wear,with good toughness and high strength.

  How to easily distinguish soft and hard wire While the flux-cored wire due to the characteristics of product structure, welding process performance and welding efficiency compared to solid wire, hand electrode more advantages. Welding, in the arc heat under the molten flux material, wire metal, parent metal and shielding gas metallurgical role between each other, while forming a thin layer of liquid slag coated droplets and cover the molten pool.

  Requirements for any316 stainless steel wire please feel free to contact with Jaway Steel,we are original and professional manufacturer in SS wire,very expect and welcome your valuable inquiry. Stainless steel soft wire is after annealing based on normal mill stage of hard wire,which tensile strength is less than 600MPa. Welcome to send inquiry to us. Thanks.

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