304L cold rolled steel bar

  304L cold rolled stainless steel bar, also known as ultra-low carbon stainless steel, is a versatile stainless steel material, which is widely used in producing equipment and components requiring good comprehensive properties (corrosion resistance and formability).

  The chemical composition of 304L cold rolled steel bar:


  Si :≤1.0

  Mn :≤2.0

  Cr :18.0~20.0

  Ni :8.0~12.0

  S :≤0.03

  P :≤0.035

  Mechanical properties of 304L cold rolled steel bar:

  Yield Strength (N/mm2) > 205

  Tensile strength (> 520)

  Elongation (%) (%) (%) (> 40)

  Hardness HB < 187 HRB < 90 HV < 200

  Density 7.93 g. cm-3

  Specific heat c(20 C)0.502 J. (g.C) -1

  Thermal conductivity lambda/W (m C) - 1 (at the following temperature / C)


  12.1 16.3 21.4

304L cold rolled steel bar

  Linear expansion coefficient alpha/(10-6/C)

  20-100 20-200 20-300 20-400

  16.0 16.8 17.5 18.1

  Resistivity 0.73_.mm2.m-1

  Melting Point 1398-1420 C

  304L cold rolled steel bar has a broad application prospects and are widely used in the areas of hardware kitchenware, shipbuilding, petrochemical, machinery, medicine, food, power, energy, building decoration, nuclear power, aerospace, military and other industries!. Seawater equipment, chemical, dyestuff, papermaking, oxalic acid, fertilizer and other production equipment; food industry, coastal facilities, ropes, CD rods, bolts, nuts.

  Quality Management of 304L cold rolled steel bar: ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Certification, Production License, etc.

  Note: 304L cold rolled steel bar of various materials and specifications can be made without standard.

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