Stainless Steel Hexagon Bar

Stainless Steel Hexagon Bar  Stainless Steel Hexagon Bar  

Stainless Steel Hexagon Bar


Jawaysteel Corporation is one of the biggest manufacturers and producers for stainless steel hexagon bars.We can supply various sizes of stainless steel bars on high quality but factory supply pricing at most competitive rate. This material has been very useful and effective in many industries.


Grade and Quality:

200 series:201, Y201Cu,202,

300 series:303,304,304L,310,316.316L,321,

400 series: 410,420 ,416,430,430F,431etc


ASTM A276,A581,A582,GB705,GB/T905

Size and Diameter:

The A/F range of our hexagon bar is S2.5S5mm(cold rolled)

S5mmS50mm(cold drawn),S50mmS180mm(Milling)

Normal Length is 2000mm---6000mm

Tolerance of cut-length or multiple length is 0-+50mm if the hexagon bar was used for automatical cutting rod, When size is 720mm,max bending is 2mm/m; When the size is25mm,max wrap is 1mm/m.

Application and Usage:

Stainless steel Hexagon bar(Round bar, hexagon bar, square bar) widely used in the areas such as Fasteners, Chains, Kitchen and Sanitary wares, Furniture handles, Handrails, Electroplating ,Foods, Electron, Petroleum, Construction and decoration etc. Products have a high strength after cold working. Decoration materials and outdoor publicity billboard. Used for the products which have the anti-Stress Corrosion requirements. Electron products, table-wares, Bolts, Nuts, Screen Mesh, Cumbustors and so on.



Full wrap by plastic packing-cloth or as per customer requirement.


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