Jaway Stainless Steel

Sustainability award for Outokumpu

The International Stainless Steel Forum (ISSF) has granted the first ISSF Sustainability Award for Outokumpu. The acknowledgement was received in ISSF Annual General Meeting in Madrid, Spain on 22 May 2011. The recognition was based on Outokumpu's determined actions and great achievements in reducing waste to landfill and increasing material efficiency in Sheffield.
David Martin, chairman of the ISSF Health & Environment Committee comments: "Outokumpu's Sheffield melting shop case is an excellent example of sustainable development. Minimising waste is in everyone's interest and this case demonstrates significant improvements with clear figures."
Outokumpu established a sustainable recovery and re-use route for different stainless steel waste in Sheffield. Slag was re-used in the production of asphalt and waste refractory material was used as a substitute for limestone in the stainless steelmaking process. These actions have led to dramatic reduction in waste to landfill. Since 2007 over 80% of all slag has been recovered and re-used as road stone in the asphalt production. During 2010 half of all refractory waste generated on site was re-used as a lime substitute.
Outokumpu's CEO Mika Seitovirta comments: "I'm pleased and honored to receive recognition for our efforts in the area of sustainability. This encourages us to work towards our long-term target - minimum waste in the production process."