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Stainless steel in Wuxi and Japan

According to statistics, in the end of January 2012, Japan's inventory of stainless steel sheet products amounted to 125,286 tonnes, increasing by 2.1% MoM.
Japan produced 217,805 tonnes of hot rolled stainless steel products in January 2012, rising by 10.9% MoM while decreasing by 19.4% YoY from 244,193 tonnes in January 2012.
Among them, the output of chrome base products totaled 105,471 tonnes, surging by 24.4% and that of nickel base products was 112,334 tonnes, up by 0.6%, both compared to that in a month earlier.

Same Date, the inventory of stainless steel products totaled 222,248 tonnes in Chinese Wuxi market in the first half of March 2012, up by 2.31% from a half month ago.

Among them, the stock of cold rolled stainless steel sheet products amounted to 134,569 tonnes, rising by 3.97% and that of hot rolled stainless steel products totaled 87,679 tonnes, decreasing by 0.15%, both compared to that in a half month earlier.

To specify the steel grade, the inventory of 300 grade products totaled 173,107 tonnes, up by 0.67%; that of 400 grade materials was 37,611 tonnes, rising by 4.47% and that of 200 grade was 11,530 tonnes, surging by 24.27%, all compared to that in a half month ago.