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Stainless steel product stocks rise in Chinese Wuxi and Taizhou market

According to local sources, the stocks of stainless steel products in the Chinese Wuxi market totaled 179,646 tonnes in the first half of September, rising by 3.3% from the previous 10 days.

Among them, 86,523 tonnes were cold rolled stainless steel products, rising by 2.18%; 93,123 tonnes were hot rolled stainless steel products, increasing by 4.36%, both compared to the figures in the previous 15 days.

To specify steel grade, the stocks of 300 grades totaled 146,977 tons, increasing by 2.9%; those of 400 grades were at 21,709 tons, increasing by 3.6% and those of 200 grade were at 10,960 tons, soaring by 8.25%, all compared to the figures in the second half of August.