What's the difference of Stainless steel 2B and BA plate finish?

What's the difference of Stainless steel 2B and BA plate finish?  

In stainless steel sheets,there are a few different surface,if we divide surface by treatment,the surface can be divided into 2B,No.1,No.4,BA,Hair Line,Brushed,Satin,Mirror etc.

What is 2B surface ?

Among these surfaces,2B is base surface and to be most popular and well known surface. We usually could see 2B surface as it is after pickling on stainless steel,it looks like natural surface of stainless steel especially for thin size cold rolled sheet,strip,coil,pipe etc. 2B is also greay, people can not see themselves from 2B surface,and it should without any rust,scratches,waves,clip gray, other color and peeling etc. Among the market and contract,for example,if we talk on 304 stainless steel sheet size 1x1219x2438mm,unless otherwise specified,its surface is 2B.

What is BA surface and what's the difference of Stainless steel 2B and BA plate finish?

However we always heard for another surface which is BA. That surface is very different from 2B,but by all means the BA surface is treated from 2B,as 2B is base surface. But the obvious and biggest difference between 2B and BA is at polishing,for BA,one side is still 2B,but the other side is polished to be approximate 400 Grit. We always call that polishing side A and another side B. People could see themselves by BA surface,that is biggest difference for 2B and BA.

Another difference between BA and 2B is at outside packing. Due to BA another side is polishing one,so we always make film or pvc cover to attached its surface,however for 2B,it is base finishing of stainless steel,so we just need to insert paper on its surface.

Final difference of Stainless steel 2B and BA plate finish is pricing,it is obvious BA enjoys higher price then 2B,as supplier should treat and polish 2B Base sheets into BA sheets.

If you have any inquiry or unclear for stainles steel sheet,and anything about its finishing,please advise Jawaysteel Corporation,we are always there to get any your inquiry,many thanks.

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