The element of Cr and Ni play an important role in stainless steel products

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Two elements is a stainless steel products,Chromium and nickel.(such as stainless steel pipe, stainless steel plate etc.) which are of the necessary elements. Stainless steel products add a large amount of nickel and chromium in order to get a single austenitic organization, so as to improve its corrosion resistance and manufacturability. Under normal or low temperature has a strong plasticity and toughness, and good resistance. Specific chromium, nickel two elements in the stainless steel products play a role in the following:


1.Chromium plays a main role on the corrosion resistance of stainless steel

To determine the stainless steel corrosion resistance,the main elements of is chromium,because of it can make stainless steel passivation phenomenon in oxidizing medium, which form a very thin film on the surface.The higher the chromium content in steel and corrosion resistant performance is stronger.


2.The influence of nickel in stainless steel

Only when it cooperate with chromium can come out of the full performance. Nickel is a form of austenitic alloy element, when the nickel and chromium with together can make microstructure ,it consists of austenite and ferrite bipolar organization. After heat treatment, can improve the strength, to make it have stronger corrosion resistance and good deformation performance.

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