321H stainless steel rod in stock

321H stainless steel rod can be used for chemical industry, shipping industry, manufacturing industry,construction,decorate Industry, electric power, Marine shaft,pump shafts,sanitary wares ,furniture handles,boiler, high temperature resistant,low temperatureresistant, corrosion resistant etc.

321H has a stabilizing element of Ti. Besides it can also be taken as a hot type of steel in the high temperature which has much better performance than 316L. 321H stainless steel can be used at different concentrations and temperatures of organic acids and inorganic acids, especially in the oxidation of Medium, it has good abrasion resistance, which usually used in the manufacture of acid-resistant containers and wear-resistant lining, pipelines.

321H stainless steel is Ni-Cr-Mo austenitic stainless steel, its performance is very similar to 304. However, due to the addition of titanium metal, it has a better resistance to grain boundary corrosion and high temperature strength due to the addition of titanium metal, which effectively control the formation of chromium carbide.

The composition of 321H stainless steel rod can be see as below.
C:0.04~0.10 Mn:≤2.00 Si:≤0.75 Cr:17.0~19.0 Ni:9~12.0 P:≤0.045 S:≤0.03 Ti:4*(C+N)~0.70

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