307Ti stainless steel wire with factory price

307Ti stainless steel wire with factory price  307Ti stainless steel wire with factory price  

ER307Ti welding stainless steel wire main component is 18Cr-8Ni-6Mn, is a kind of austenitic stainless steel welding wire. For welding with heat and corrosion resistance requirements, titanium-containing stainless steel or iron-nickel alloy. Or for some difficult to weld the alloy, dissimilar steel welding and surfacing. ER307Ti has good crack resistance, it is ER307 based on the addition of Ti, can effectively improve the corrosion resistance, in particular, to improve the resistance between the crystal corrosion.

As Ti is burned in the welding, in order to ensure the corrosion resistance of the weld, in its matrix must improve the Ti content. However, Ti is an easily oxidizable element, and the recovery rate is unstable in smelting, and it is easy to produce secondary oxidation in casting, which causes TiN inclusions to pollute molten steel and cause great difficulty in the quality control of rolling surface.

Production process and key technology
Ingredients --- furnace refining --- AOD furnace refining --- mold ingot --- ingot grinding --- heating --- hot rolling --- pickling - finishing --- inspection - -Product storage.

Key technology: the chemical composition of the optimal design, to improve its welding performance at the same time, while ensuring thermal processing performance. Design and development of the appropriate slag and refining process. To ensure that the content of more than 0.6% of the Ti element of the stable recovery process, and to ensure the purity of steel. Development of high titanium austenitic stainless steel protection casting process to improve the surface quality of high titanium steel. Reheat processing and continuous rolling and control of rolling technology to ensure that the hot process without folding, cracks and other defects.

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