Jaway Stainless Steel

A Trend of Researching free nickel medical stainless steel sheet

As we know stainless steel sheet (316L) containing nickel elements may bring harm in medical field, so we Jawaysteel IRD department has begun to develop new products recently.


Since Nitrogen have strengh of fixing the austenite structure, so using the (N + Mn) to replace the nickel, not only can fix the austenitic structure and also significantly improve mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. The free nickel high nitrogen stainless steel sheet (Fe-21Cr-22Mn-1Mo-1N) which was listed in the material standard (ASTM-F2229) has been applied in medical market in Europe and America, and replace of Cr -Ni series stainless steel to processing bone fixation devices and surgical tools.


Many studies show that the new high nitrogen free nickel stainless steel has excellent mechanical properties, tensile strength, fatigue strength and wear resistance increased by more than 2 times compared with 316L stainless steel sheet.