Jaway Stainless Steel

What is the benefit of Sand Blasting?

Sand Blasting is one of the most common, quickly and high efficiency processing treatment in Jawaysteel Corporation. It is the use of compressed air as a driving force to spray on the stainless steel material surface so that to change the surface or shape. Sand Blasting could be divided into dry sand blasting and wet sand blasting.


There are several advantages can be founded in Sand Blasting:


No.1 It could remove the burr and eliminate the harm of burr to make sure the grade of stainless steel material.


No.2 Cleaning the rust in the surface of Stainless Steel so that improve the adhesion of stainless steel materials.


No.3 More easily to save the lubricant. Moreover it can reduce the noise to expand the service year.


No.4 Also could make the Stainless Steel surface more beautiful.


We Jawaysteel not only manufacture the Stainless Steel, but also could meet various needs of users, including Sand Blasting.