Jaway Stainless Steel

The stainless steel pipe/ tube of Jawaysteel get the approval of Kuwait

    In recent days, Jaway closed a deal with the Middle East country Kuwait regarding on the stainless steel tube which refreshed the biggest amount of the single deal of stainless steel tube from Kuwait.

    Customers from Kuwait are the leading manufacturer and supplier for the oil delivery pipeline industry in Kuwait.

    Jawaysteel has put attention on the stainless steel tube for several years. They focus on the full implementation of the improvement of the quality of the pipe and the Equipment modification of the production line in recent years. Relying on the R&D of Science and Technology department, they build a very good reputation in the stainless steel pipe and tube area in China.

    In order to Consolidate the results and expand the market share of the stainless steel pipe and tube, the international sales department aimed at the major project on the mid east and south America. They make full use of their advantages and stay close with the projects and customers. 

    They have a good ability to master the professional knowledge about the project and the related information as well as their competitors. They strongly promote the efforts of Market development and marketing. Even under this adversity market, they acquire a very good achievement both on the production and turnover.