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Chinese Stainless Steel Manufacturer News In Apr

    To specify the steel grade, 170,318 tonnes were 300 grade materials, soaring by 4.77%; 41,408 tonnes were 400 grade products, up by 8.63% and 12,791 tonnes were 200 grade products, surging by 12.65%, all compared to that in the previous half month.

    In the wake of success in S32205 duplex stainless steel supplier production, Baosteel Special Steel Business Unit recently trial-produced S32750 stainless steel hot rolled plate.

    In comparison with S32205 duplex stainless steel manufacturer, S32750 features in higher strength, superior anti-stress corrosion, is applicable to corrosive environment of petrochemical industry, oil refining, vacuum salt production and flue gas desulfurization.

    According to statistics, the inventory of stainless steel products totaled 224,517 tonnes in Chinese Wuxi market in the end of March 2012, surging by 5.89% from a half month earlier.

    Among them, 135,956 tonnes were cold rolled stainless steel products, rising by 4.12%; 88,561 tonnes were hot rolled stainless steel products, increasing by 8.72%, both compared to that in a half month ago.

    Recently, Baosteel Special Steel fulfilled the supply contract of 253 MA heat resistance stainless steel plate to Shanghai Electric, with performance completely satisfying technique and users' requirements.