Jaway Stainless Steel

Midas Technologies to convert concept designs

    Midas Technologies (GB) Limited has worked closely with the project team to convert the concept designs of the unique stainless steel balustrades and gates that enclose the gardens, into manufactured and installed realities. The design layout was critical, co ordination between civil and metalwork's was paramount as granite copings and cladding were also installed with very little tolerance and margin for error on curves, heights and placement, as all were being manufactured concurrently to meet the project deadline.

    Over 15,000 hours of combined design, manufacture and installation time will have been expended by Midas on the project to ensure that their part meets with the aspirations of the project.

    Midas worked closely with their supplier partner Outokumpu in Sheffield, over 80 tonnes of stainless steel was utilized for the manufacture and was cut by utilizing Water Jet Green Technology Cutting. With over 9170 meters of cutting (5.7 miles), the total length of cutting would stretch from Leicester Square to Canary Wharf. The highly polished finish of over 2000 finials that form the railings and gates, reflect the ever changing colors and movements of the square, a truly dynamic and perpetual feature. The gates are a unique design, manufactured from Duplex Stainless, with no visible hinges, rotation is via nylon bearings within circular hollow section posts, these bearings were precision machined and honed at Midas. Pre design, stress and deflection analysis, type approval testing at Midas works, ensured that the double gates precisely met the specifications, the final result, smooth operational gates requiring only 9 kilograms of force to open and close 698 kilograms weight of gate leaf.

    Alfresco screens are also being provided via a bespoke system designed specifically to meet Westminster City Councils requirements, these include stainless steel post and socket systems all fabricated, manually and CNC orbital welded at Midas with final polishing. LED handrail systems down to the underground toilets and 25mm thick laminated glass balustrades have also been designed and are being installed.

    Midas will also be providing uniquely patterned stainless steel ventilation pipes and cladding systems to the underground vent outlets, with Bronze colored stainless steel supplied by G Tex, one vent has an integral green roof system also designed and supplied by Midas.

    Mr Mark Lock MD of Midas said that "This project is a credit and legacy to Peterborough and all of our employees, suppliers in particular Outokumpu and G Tex, demonstrating the unique and innovative skills that we have here, that in my opinion are second to none. The square is due to be opened by a VIP at the end of May 2012."