Jaway Stainless Steel

Jawaysteel Still Keeps Full Production

    Jawaysteel is a production and process mill for the stainless steel. Currently, the purchase department of Jawaysteel makes the deal with the Mine industry companies from Indonesia and Philippines made the cost of the raw material saved 40~60 SUD per ton. With the refinery factory located in Jiangsu province which is near shanghai port; Jawaysteel successfully saved the cost nearly 50 USD. Under the current circumstance that most of the factories in China reduce the production and even stop the production to conquer the crisis, Jawaysteel still keeps full production. The mode that Jawaysteel run business breaks the traditional way of most factories only do the process in China and build a good example for the Chinese stainless steel industry.
    Jawaysteel is a traditional stainless steel process factory who built on 1998. From a factory with simple equipments and covering an area of only 1000 square, Jawaysteel developed into a factory owns more than 100 workers and covers a land area of 18000 square meters and with advanced equipments. The yearly production capacity of Jawaysteel now reaches 100,000 tons. On the base of good quality that meet the requirements of the National standard, Jawaysteel can offer the products with competitive price.
    “This year, we fell the pressure from the market, while basically our production and stock can be absorbed by the market”, Sales manger of Jawaysteel Mr Nick, who is responsible for the international sales told us. “The main reason for the good sales for Jawaysteel under this gloomy situation is the Cost advantage.”Our production cost is around 50~100 lower than the main market. Now the price went down and most of the stainless steel mills lose money. While relying on our advantage of the cost, we can still make profit. There is no need for us to decrease the production as other mills.