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2012,The customer form American had planned the order for Lexus license plate which is high required in surface:304 stainless steel sheet, hairline surface,320 Grits,0.6*1219*1219mm.After inspection from SGS, the goods were qualified. Here by we have build durable business partnership since 2012,the picture as bellow, pls check as bellow:

There are several surface for stainless steel plate and coil, such as NO.1,NO.4,HL,2B,BA,8K,mirror etc. different surface has different effect and application. So we summarized the notation on the surface of the stainless steel, the surface effect, the luminance gain method, characteristics and application, please check the following list.


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NO 1

Mill surface

Heat treatment and pickling after hot rolling

NO 3

Coarse sand

At 100-120 grinding granularity material processing

NO 4

Fine sand (snow)

At 150-180 grinding granularity material processing


Hair silk surface (grain)

Appropriate granularity grinding materials to cause continuous stripe processing


Dull surface

After heat treatment and pickling after cold rolling


Matt surface

After heat treatment and pickling after cold rolling


Bright surface

Lengzha - annealing pickling - flat and level



One side  2 b surface effect, the other side make no.4 surface processing


Mirror surface

Stainless steel plate after grinding



General heat resisting corrosion

Industrial plate






Grind arenaceous drawing

Material is qualitative soft, deep drawing parts


Surface has a certain degree of oxidation


Surface oxidation

Commonly known as mirror plate



As bright as mirror surface