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How to buy the best quality Stainless Steel Bar in China

Jawaysteel Corporation as a professional manufacturer in China we’re pleased to guide our customer to purchase the best quality and low price Stainless Steel bar in China. Here are few tips for you to purchase as below for your reference:


1.There’re several big mother material in China, BAOSTEEL in southern, TISCO in the northern etc. Some buys maybe only focus on lower price instead of best quality. This phenomenon will lead you to buy Stainless Steel Bar isn’t what you expect. We suggest you’d better consider more comprehensive.

2.Some buyers also surprise why the bar finish is so beautiful but with a poor price. And maybe you’ll think that you got a very big discount. But apparently, that’s not exactly what you expect.

3.As you know, the bad material will have poor physical properties and surface. So those factories will use Sandblast to cover the poor surface of Stainless Steel Bar to make it seems beautiful.


In general, we propose the purchaser or buyers could recognize the manufacturer in China who buy the raw materials from BAOSTEEL or TISCO, and do the smelting and rolling by themselves. Those factories could make sure the quality, lower price than big Stainless Steel Bar factory like BAOSTEEL.


We jawaysteel Corporation from Jiangsu Province absolutely is one of best one of them in China. Any inquiry kindly let us know at first time, we’ll always spare no effort to service you and your company.