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Bayi Iron and Steel invested huge amount on environmental management this year

Urumqi Environmental Protection Bureau Environment Monitoring Detachment recalled its plant stationed people in BAYI Iron & Steel Co Ltd and the long term monitoring was ended. Through nearly 9 months of site monitoring, Urumqi Environmental Protection Bureau acknowledged that BAYI Iron & Steel Co Ltd made significant achievement on environment improvement and energy saving and emission reduction and therefore it was unnecessary to implement the long term plant stationed monitoring. On the basis of huge change of plant environment, last year BAYI Iron & Steel Co Ltd again invested CNY 1.75 billion on the environmental improvement so as to build the company as the most impressive green steel plant in West China.

After joining Baosteel family, BAYI Iron & Steel Co Ltd implemented many effective measures on environmental management, energy saving and emission reduction. This year, BAYI Iron & Steel Co Ltd company launched the three year environmental rectification planning which pointed out that in 3 years general utilization of legal, economic, technical and necessary administrative measures shall be adopted to optimize the production process flow route and energy structure so as to gradually eliminate backward production capacity and energy-consuming products as well as equipment, achieve target management on energy saving and emission reduction and finally build BAYI Iron & Steel Co Ltd into the most impressive green steel plant in West China.

Environment precedes the benefits and shutdown of production of lines which failed to meet with standards is the reflection of responsibility toward society and employees. Elimination of pollution lines is the critical task of BAYI Iron & Steel Co Ltd energy saving and emission reduction this year. After closing and demolishing of the Xi Yu Concrete production line last year, the company managed to eliminate 0.8 million tonnes of concrete production capacity, and this year the company again closed the 50,000 tonne mineral slag micro fine production line which contributed the most benefits in auxiliary businesses so as to control the dust amount.

In the meantime, BAYI Iron & Steel Co Ltd dismantled 3 sintering machines with 20 square meters for each unit and every year this could reduce the emission of S02 in more than 3000 tonne and fume dust in more than 1800 tons. Meanwhile eliminating those pollution production lines, BAYI Iron & Steel Co Ltd focused on technical solutions on emission reduction, and in addition to making the best use of BF coal spray, full continuous casting, gas comprehensive utilization and other general using projects for energy saving and emission reduction, it also started with a lot of energy saving and emission reduction projects with the investment more than CNY 0.3 billion.

The steel slag thermal processing project which was meant to replace the former 50,000 ton mineral slag micro fine production lines is still under tight installation. In the production new area of the BAYI Iron & Steel Co Ltd 8 round silos of 17 meters high and 90 meters diameter were under construction. By then the sintered ore, coke coal, iron ore, pellet and other raw materials shall fully fed to the silo. 9 other projects including flux yard dust treatment before the iron making and desulfuration for coking and chemicals have been started officially.

The newly started Coke Dry Quenching heat recovery technology and LF steam heat recovery technology can save CNY 0.3 billion each year for the company. The fund spent by BAYI Iron & Steel Co Ltd for treatment of old pollution sources and fund for newly built environmental facilities took up 20% of the full year fixed asset investment.

BAYI Iron & Steel Co Ltd also promoted the energy saving and emission reduction through strict scientific management. At present, the company established 66 environmental monitor points inside the plant and the environmental monitor data shall be released weekly and once the result is not qualified rectification notice will issued immediately and strict examination shall be performed. BAYI Iron & Steel Co Ltd also installed 6 sets of fume on line monitor system and 2 sets of water on line monitor system on those pollution sources.

These real time data were sent to the data platform of local provincial environmental branch and municipal environmental bureau through wireless signals on a regular basis. All those secondary level branches of the company all gave active responses. For those critical dust monitor objectives like sintering branch should keep the qualified emission even if it has to compromise its output. These measures were understood and acknowledged by ordinary employees the iron making area started face washing cleaning activity for one hour each day. The outlook of the plant area has been changed significantly. Many employees said that the production is developing continuously and the environment is improving gradually, the happiness index of employees is growing year by year.