Jaway Stainless Steel

253MA (S30815)

253MA (S30815) heat-resistant austenitic stainless steel nickel

Origin: Sweden Outokumpu

The main ingredients: C0.09 N 0.17 Cr 21 Ni 11 Mo 4.1

Product description: 253MA is a nickel-resistant austenitic stainless steel, for the needs of high creep strength and good corrosion resistance force applications. Its temperature range of 850 ~ 1100 .

Product advantages:

1, compared with the 310S, 1Cr20Ni14Si2, better performance, festival Ni, cheap.

It has high strength when 2,900 . In the air, the pressures under conditions of non-use to 1150 , has superior high temperature oxidation resistance.

3, short-term tensile strength at each temperature than conventional stainless steel (such as 304,310S) strength higher than 20%.

4, with long-term high temperature properties (creep resistance, long-lasting performance).

Uses: In addition to the alloying elements chromium and nickel, the grades of stainless steel also contain small amounts of rare earth metals (Rare Earth Metals, REM), thereby significantly improving their antioxidant capacity. Although chromium and nickel content is relatively low, the high temperature properties of stainless steel having a high alloyed steel and nickel-based alloys in many cases the same. 253MA heat-resistant stainless steel is based on the Cr21-Ni11, by adding rare earth elements and 1400-2000ppm appropriate amount of N, to achieve the purpose of improving the high temperature properties of steel, compared with the common 310S (0Cr25Ni20), in the precious metals Ni, Under the premise of a significant reduction in the content, performance can be improved, the market prospect is broad. Jawaysteel Co.,Ltd will improve its business range and 253MA would be a new direction.