Stainless Steel Rope Wire Suppliers In China

  A wire rope is a structure consisting of at least two layers of steel wire or strands twisted around a center or core. It is divided into multi-strand wire rope and single wire rope. Stainless steel wire rope refers to the steel wire rope made of stainless steel material. The product is GB/T 9944-2015.


  The typical structure of stainless steel wire rope is as follows: 1x3s1x7c1x19x 3x7c6x7t6x19 (a), 6x19 (b), 8x19.

Stainless Steel Rope Wire Suppliers In China


  a.The dimension accuracy is high, can reach ±0.01mm;

  b.Good surface quality, good brightness;

  c.Strong corrosion resistance, high tensile strength and fatigue strength;

  d.The chemical composition is stable, the steel is pure, the inclusion content is low, the packing is good, the price is preferential


  Stainless steel wire rope is widely used in coal, petroleum, metallurgy, chemical industry, ship, bridge, electric power, rubber, military industry, tourism and so on. Water conservancy, light industry and other industries, products according to ISO,BS,DIN,JIS,ABS,LR and other international and foreign advanced standards production.

  1.In the equipment reform of chemical industry, chemical fertilizer, chemical fiber and so on, the stainless steel wire rope is used in the equipment arrangement.

  2.Stainless steel welding rods and a large number of stainless steel components, springs, contiguous parts, etc. are used in stainless steel wire rope.

  3.On electrified locomotives, the hanger and hanger on the power line, these are the application areas of stainless steel wire rope.

  4.The nylon nets used in various industries are now replaced by stainless steel wire ropes.

  5.railway electrification, decoration industry, rigging industry, fishing gear industry, automobile industry and other industries.

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